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Kintyre Country Life

Angus Martin




From the back cover:
This book completes Angus Martin's trilogy on the history of his native Kintyre. As with his previous books - The Ring-Net Fishermen and Kintyre: The Hidden Past - the material comes from both written and oral sources. The book presents a picture of the lives of country folk in Kintyre from the eighteenth century to the early twentieth. The greater part of the material has never before been published and includes accounts of sheep-stealing, New Year's Day shinty battles, and violent encounters between excisemen and the distillers and smugglers of illicit whisky. It is also about the everyday lives of the people; how they worked the land, kept their livestock, built and furnished homes, perpared food and fuel and celebrated special days. The book is generously illustrated with photographs both collected and taken by the author.

Excerpt from the author's preface:
This is my third book about Kintyre, and my last, because there is not another in the material remaining to me; and, in any case, thirteen years have past since, in 1974, I began The Ring Net Fishermen, and enough is enough.

These books have been both my attempt to understand my native Kintyre - its culture and its history - and my celebration of the places and people that have filled my life.

Place-names taken from documentary sources are spelled exactly as they appear in these sources. For the rest, I have used 'standard' spellings wherever these existed. But the great majority of place-names in Kintyre are Gaelic, and there are no 'correct' anglicised forms of Gaelic names - the only correct forms are the Gaelic forms, if these are known, or can be deduced with certainty.

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