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What's New?

Changes and additions as at 14th June 2014:-

15/06/2014 Reinstated the entire site on Microsoft Azure. Brought some of the pages up to date and updated the books section. Added a YouTube video to the Carradale page.
06/01/2011 Update the section on the Neptune aircraft which crashed on the Mull of Kintyre in 1956.
30/10/2010 Removed the frames and replaced them using css which now means you can send a link to, or bookmark any individual page. Updated most of the image thumbnails to display when you hover over them rather than launching a different page.
23/10/2010 Uploaded the site to http://www.weetoon.com, as it was in 2003, removed (lots of) broken external links, updated some of the content for accuracy and removed some of the redundant material.
27/11/2003 Updated the ferry news pages to reflect the increasing political machinations.
03/11/2003 Added a news page.
21/06/2003 Updated the Mull of Kintyre Music Festival page. Note that it's also available independently at www.mokmf.com.
17/12/2002 Update to the Southend News page.
04/12/2002 Added a section on the tragic demise of an RAF Neptune over the Mull Of Kintyre in 1956.
06/12/2002 Added a new Southend News page. I've been offered regular updates from Susan Paterson who is on the Community Council and the Village Hall committees.
04/10/2002 Added an initial page for the village of Glenbarr.
02/10/2002 Added a map of Machrihanish Village as first published by the SWRI in 1966. Please also note that you can now access this site as http://www.weetoon.com or http://www.weetoon.co.uk - it's a lot easier than http://home.rednet.co.uk/homepages/.........