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A Bit About Me ......

You really don't want to know about me but ....

Officially my birth certificate says I was born in Glasgow in January 1962, but by the time I was a few days old I had returned to Campbeltown and in particular "Auchencorvie Farm" where I spent the first thirteen years of my life. I attended Auchencorvie Primary until I was 12 years old, the maximum number of pupils in the whole school was about twenty when the travelling folk, "the tinkers", arrived for a few months at a time. I then moved into the "big school", Campbeltown Grammar School which is not nearly as grand as it sounds, it's just an ordinary secondary school, until I was 17 when I headed off into the world of further education and ultimately the job market.

I make my living working in IT, starting in the mid 80's on IBM midrange computers like the AS/400, System 36, 38. Around the turn of the millennium I was involved in the dotcom kerfuffle, writing web applications in JAVA and then moved into a role looking after the Microsoft side of the business. In 2006 I joined Microsoft, where I'm currently (June 2014) working as a technology strategist in financial services.

There is one further point worth making - I now live in Stirling! As of July 1996 I moved away from Campbeltown so if you email me I'm afraid I can no longer stop one of your long lost relations in the street and pass on a message. I'm still happy to try, it just takes a bit longer than it used to.

On a personal interest side I've spent many years playing in bands mainly on the West Coast of Scotland - Campbeltown, Lochgilphead and Oban. My musical interests are fairly diverse, everything from traditional rock to classical to ceilidh music! I've played in bars, at weddings, in barns, and with The Company we even supported the Scottish rock band Runrig when they played Campbeltown Victoria Hall. If anyone from the West Coast is reading this I played keyboards with "The Company", "Copperhead Road" (briefly), "Johnny The Bus", "The Dreamsellers" and prior to leaving Campbeltown "Old Dog New Tricks".

Since moving to Stirling I've not been in a permanent musical lineup however regularly dip in and out of playing with -

You can also find me at -