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Kintyre related publications

This page attempts to list some of the books that are either about the area or are written by authors with a local connection. Angus Martin and Freddy Gillies both live locally and write books about the area with an emphasis on the fishing industry. Sandy Young, sadly with us no more, originated from Southend and laterally lived around Oban. He has written a number of novels based around the local area. Jill McGown was born in Campbeltown, spent her early years there and laterally living in Corby became a successful crime writer with one of her novels televised by ITV. Sadly Jill passed away in 2007. The online children's story by Margo Fallis has Campbeltown as its location. Tom Johnston, who provided the content for the Glenbarr page, has a couple of fantasy novels available on Amazon which are based around the area.

The newest local author on the scene is an old friend of mine from our days in Campbeltown Grammar School, Denzil Meyrick. Denzil's first novel, Whisky From Small Glasses was an immediate success, with his eagerly anticipated followup, The Last Witness, due for release on 2nd July 2014. If you've lived in Campbeltown you'll instantly recognise that the fictitious town of Kinloch, in which the stories are based, is based on Campbeltown and its environs. Familiar locations (and people) leap out of the pages.

There are a number of ways to purchase the books listed -

Author Title Description
Denzil Meyrick The Last Witness Follow up to the highly successful "Whisky from small glasses", "Last Witness" continues the travails of D.C.I. Jim Dailey as he deals with another murderous challenge in the town of Kinloch.
  Whisky From Small Glasses The first novel from Denzil Meyrick based in the fictitious West coast Scottish town of Kinloch, introduces D.C.I. Daley
Angus Martin The North Herring Fishing The oral history of forays to the Minches by fishermen of Ayrshire and Kintyre.
  More than a history of the ring net method of fishing, this book covers the lives and traditions of the fishermen.
  Kintyre The Hidden Past 'Hidden' as it exposes previously difficult to get at information on the social and cultural history of the area.
  Kintyre Country Life Exploring the lives of country folk in Kintyre from the eighteenth to the twentieth century.
Freddy Gillies Life With the Coal Tar A look at life on board one of the fleet of Campbeltown fishing boats.
  Life on God's Island A description of the Island of Gigha, off the west coast of Kintyre, from someone who lives there.
  In Campbeltown Once More An account of life in Campbeltown during the 1950s and 60s.
Jill McGown Redemption Murder Mystery novel from Campbeltown born author, Jill McGown. Tells the story of a murder at a snowbound vicarage.
  Murder ... Now and Then Chief Inspector Lloyd had seen Victor Holyoak before...or had he? Millionaire Victor Holyoak is found dead.
  A Shred of Evidence Lying in the glare of the police arc-light was the body of a 15-year-old schoolgirl, beaten, strangled and possibly raped. (Televised by ITV on 3rd October 2001 as 'Lloyd and Hill', starring Philip Glenister and Michelle Collins in the title roles.)
  Picture of Innocence As the evidence is sifted, the question becomes not why would someone want to murder Bernard Bailey, but why didn't someone murder him long before now?
  Plots and Errors When Andrew Cope and his ex-policewoman wife Kathy are found dead in their fume-filled car, there are few who doubt that they have simply taken the easy way out.
  Scene of Crime It's three days before Christmas and the Malworth Amateur Dramatic Society's rehearsal of "Cinderella" is disrupted by the discovery of a body.
Margo Fallis The Loveliest Bluebells Online children's story about two butterflies who find themselves in the Campbeltown area.
Sandy Young Son of the Glen A novel of West Highland Family life, based in and around the Kintyre peninsula.
  Doctor in the Glen Follow up to Son of the Glen.
Sandra Bardwell, Jacquetta Megarry The Kintyre Way Guide covering the Kintyre Way walk which runs from Tarbert at the North end of the peninsula to Dunaverty on the South.
Norman S Newton Kintyre Everything the visitor to Kintyre needs to know about the area.
Avril Stone Southend, Mull of Kintyre Reunited Book covering Southend over the last 100 years.
T L Johnston Swordsinger Book I An epic battle rages in prehistoric Scotland. The mysterious and legendary Swordsinger leads his Celtic warriors against a maniacal zealot, King.
  Sword Singer Volume II Continuing the tale of Swordsinger, the elderly Duke of Dalraida sails to the Fair Isles to visit his mother, the youthful Princess Loi and the last remnants of the Sidhe Faerie on Earth.
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