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In Campbeltown Once More

Freddy Gillies

July/Aug 2000

George McMillan
Main Street

Famedram Publishers Ltd
PO Box 3
AB41 9EA

Email received from Freddy - 18th Nov. 2000

"The book has, incredibly, all but sold out in the town but there are still a number of copies available from the Gigha Hotel, Isle of Gigha, Argyll. The address is william@isle-of-gigha.co.uk. Interested parties should e-mail the above address to receive full details of postage, credit card facilities etc". 

Notes from the author:

"In Campbeltown Once More", is an evocative account of life in the 'Wee Toon' during the great years of the 1950's and 60's, when all true Campbeltonians were proud to be associated with the place. I expect you have seen the dreadful decline over the past few years on visits home and it is not getting any better I'm afraid.

I have split the book into two parts, the first dealing with the former Town Council, the local paper, the busy harbour, retail scene (did you know there were 70 butchers and bakers in CN in 1960?), transport, leisure and entertainment, 'characters' etc. The second section is autobiographical and tells of my growing up in the Royal Burgh until I left school to become a journalist on the 'Courier'.

In Campbeltown Once More has been written mainly from memory, with limited research required, though I am the first to admit it has come from my heart and not my head!! The various figures I unearthed during the 'research', though, brought it forcefully home to me just how different things were then. In the final chapter I have suggested several options that may be put in place to improve Campbeltown's lot, though I suspect one or two of the ideas may be looked upon as being a bit radical.

I am doing a signing session in George McMillan's Main Street shop on publication day since he has kindly placed a very substantial advance order. However, if any of the 'toonies' or 'midges' on the net wish to order direct from the publishers, they would be most welcome to do so. The address is: Famedram Publishers Ltd., PO Box 3, Ellon, Aberdeenshire AB41 9EA, Scotland. Book price is £5.99, or £6.50 to include p.p. Due to the substantial and quite unnecessary UK bank service charges involved in changing small amounts of foreign currency, Famedram respectfully ask overseas readers to send Sterling with the order.

I have already had numerous communications with long lost friends since you kindly added my name to the Midges list and most of them seem keen to get a hold of the book. No doubt there will be a few tears shed on reading it in the prairies of Canada, the beaches of Australia or the depths of darkest Corby, Northants!! Though we do not have a definite date, it is actually being printed as I write (Printall. Firhill, Glasgow) so if anyone wants to order now, they will receive a copy immediately off the press, which, as I have already said, will be within the next few weeks.

Freddy Gillies, 7th July 2000

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